Current childcare management platform meeting ALL your needs?

Time spent evaluating the available options to help your service run more efficiently is time well spent

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The right childcare management platform can be the key to a successful childcare service

In Understanding Your Software Options, you’ll learn why a locally-built, all-in-one childcare ecosystem should include:

  • A robust Student Management System (SMS)
  • An efficient teacher platform for tracking health events and programming and planning
  • A seamless family experience that facilitates family engagement
  • A dedicated payment gateway to help increase cash flow
  • A single support team to streamline getting the help you need

In addition to these core components, you should also consider these things when selecting your provider

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Yve Groot | Takapuna Private Preschool

The Discover team have been very responsive to our needs, the dashboard clearly show us our occupancy and % staff contact hours plus other features so we can quickly see how the centre is performing. The automatic invoicing and reminder emails saves us so much time and we can’t wait to go onto using ipads for children’s sign in and out.

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