Take your team to the next level with premium training

Discover by Xplor offers premium training packages designed to enable admins and teachers to do more with our suite of tools.

Teachers, educational leaders and administrators can choose from tailored group or individual sessions

Become Discover-certified–assess staff knowledge and provide opportunities to enhance teachers’ expertise and careers

Multiple options available, including introductory sessions, refreshers or deep dives into the capabilities of our platform

When your service subscribes to Discover University, you get unlimited premium training sessions

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“Discover plays a pivotal role in the management of our early learning centre…” – Macaela, Director of Mini Thinkers

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Why premium training?

Training should never be one size fits all. Our premium training goes a step further than our free onboarding program, delivering an all-encompassing and customised learning experience. Get advanced training tailored to your service’s specific requirements.

Unlimited Premium Training

Discover University

By signing up for Discover University, our subscription-based premium training, you and your team can schedule unlimited training sessions with a dedicated trainer. Our unlimited premium training will help you stay ahead of the curve by providing you with the guidance and support you need. Sign up for Discover University to take control of your service’s upskilling journey. 

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Professional training sessions to improve your performance

You can upgrade your skills with our range of sessions, whether you need an introduction, a refresher or want to master one or more of our products. Getting more out of our suite is easier thanks to our expert trainers who provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to do more.

Discover University is now in session—sign up today!

Add a subscription to Discover University to your package to upskill your way to success with unlimited tailored training sessions.


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Per Service

Discover by Xplor


per month

Learn all the ins and outs of Discover by Xplor to enable your administrators to leverage our platform’s capabilities, automating more of their daily tasks so they can focus on other tasks.

Per Service

Discover & Playground


per month

Take your teachers and administrators beyond the basics with this training designed to help them enhance their Discover by Xplor and Playground knowledge so they can thrive.


Add Discover University to your subscription

For as low as

per month paid annually

Take advantage of an unlimited premium training subscription to accelerate your learning. Our training experts can help you stay at the forefront of your Discover by Xplor journey with personalised training sessions.

Premium Training Terms & Conditions

Access to our free learning resources is unlimited

Enjoy our vast library of tips, ideas and advice on how you can ensure your service succeeds. Check back often for updates!

Take your abilities to the next level with premium training

Our premium training offers the expertise and guidance you need to succeed, whether you’re new to our platform or looking to get ahead. Take the next step in your learning journey today.   

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