Playground—the newest platform for childcare teachers

Less time on admin & documentation—more time for quality care


More mobile, more efficient.

The Playground app offers planning functionality, enabling teachers to accomplish more.

Playground UI

Teachers using iPads (or other iOS devices) with the latest version of the Playground app can:

  • Update teaching plans in the moment—no danger of forgetting great ideas.
  • Stay mobile for improved convenience with additional functionality.
  • Plan more individualized lessons thanks to convenient access to past info about children/rooms/teachers.

Quick & Efficient Documentation

  • Record and document daily observations efficiently
  • Communicate children’s progress as it happens—parents love regular updates
  • Learning timeline—share photos, videos and daily updates securely
  • Unlimited storage for all children’s portfolios and photos
  • Seamlessly communicate with parents via the Home parent app and web portal
Children in field.
Playground UI.

Convenient Health & Safety Reporting

  • Health tracking features to keep children safer
  • Digital incident and medication records
  • Document and report on toilet, sleep and nutrition events
  • Offline emergency contact lists, transport lists, emergency evacuation records and roll call

Learning Plans & Programs

  • Flexible options to suit your service—plan with mindmaps or tables
  • Ability to leave critical reflections—stored securely in the cloud for your next ERO review
  • Link learning documents and experiences
  • Get parent feedback—help parents feel involved
  • Learning analysis—track individual and group learning
Children in field.
Playground UI.


Teachers and parents can effortlessly interact and work together using Playground’s Messenger feature.

  • Teachers and parents can enjoy one-on-one conversations, in addition to commenting on Observations and Memories.
  • Parents can inform teachers of any significant updates involving their child via the Home app.
  • Seamless communication allows teachers and parents to talk openly and frequently to foster a positive learning atmosphere for children.

Playground—making it easier for you to do more

The Discover app isn’t going anywhere. But we invite you to check out the improved health and safety features, better parent engagement and seamless all-in-one experience Playground brings to Discover. With everything backed up in the cloud, your data is always there when you need it—ready to share with parents with ease.

Playground Free Resources

Playground Web For Educators

Children in field.
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Robyn Waterfall | Kid Country Early Learning Centres

The speed of the program and going from one page to the next is brilliant. The frequent absence report is very easy to understand and follow and makes the job of reconfirming bookings much easier. The staff roster quick add is an absolute time saver. Having the ability for parents to enquire and enrol online cuts down any data entry errors and time. Using the ipad as tool to do this when parents come to view the centre, makes it fast and efficient getting them to the actual tour quicker. Parents are really enjoying the iPad sign in system and it is working very well for us.

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