Discover brings ease, top-notch support and continuous improvement

Todd Painter created a new and improved workflow when he opened Borman Village Kids using Discover by Xplor.

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Borman Village Kids childcare service in Hamilton has been providing high-quality care to children since 2017. The centre owner, Todd Painter, has had more than a decade’s worth of experience leading teachers in New Zealand. With a team of 18 experienced and dedicated staff members, Borman Village Kids is committed to ensuring that each child in their care receives the individual attention and support they need to thrive.









Joined Discover

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Outdated software holds back centre’s progress

Todd had previously worked with a complex childcare software platform that required the use of third-party integrations to make things web-based. Despite having used this platform for 17 years, with all his experience and knowledge of the platform, he realised that he needed to find a better alternative.

He began searching for a faster, easier-to-use web-based software solution so he wouldn’t be hampered by the inability to run multiple instances of the software on different machines.

It [Discover] keeps on improving, it just keeps getting better. Discover’s still listening to clients and adapting to meet clients’ needs…that’s what I’ve liked with the last years is it’s just been constant new features and constant improvements.

Todd Painter, Owner of Borman Village Kids

New centre, new software

After struggling with the previous software platform, Todd felt the opening of his new centre was the perfect time to find a better solution. Todd wanted the opening of Borman Village Kids to coincide with a new, more advanced and efficient Student Management System (SMS).

After a demo of the Discover platform, he decided this web-based platform would meet the needs of the new centre. Todd’s decision was affirmed by the ease of use and speed of Discover, which gave him back time and made running his centre more efficient.

Borman Village Kids staff wearing Santa hats

I quite like the look of it [Playground], the ease of the interface. It fills the gap that’s missing in our sector: the health and safety, the excursions, the communication between centre and families. It bridges the gap between a student management system and a standalone child portfolio.

Todd Painter, Owner of Borman Village Kids

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Efficiency as the new code

Aside from the software being easier to use, Todd gives high praise to the quality of support that he gets from the team working behind the scenes at Discover. He highlights the ticketing system, wherein his specific issues are promptly addressed by the support team. He appreciates that Discover is dedicated to constantly improving and meeting the needs of clients.

Borman Village Kids’ experience with Discover Software has been a tremendous success. The ease of use and excellent customer support have allowed the centre to focus on caring for children since they’re spending less time on administration, reporting and general management.

Todd and the team are also looking at Playground, Discover by Xplor’s teacher platform, to help teachers focus on health and safety and parent engagement. Discover has enabled Borman Village Kids to focus on providing quality care to children at their service while keeping up with the changing needs of their customers.

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