Family-owned preschool spots the convenience Discover has to offer early on

Spotted Frog Preschool enjoys the ease of access, speed and reliability of Discover by Xplor.

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Spotted Frog Preschool opened in September 2015 in Auckland. It is a high-quality, highly-resourced, family-owned centre that offers early childhood education services at very reasonable rates.

In their rich learning environment, Spotted Frog’s experienced and qualified teachers ensure that every child they care for has fun while gaining a solid foundation for a successful school life.

Their commitment to providing quality care and education to children led them to expand their services. This venture also resulted in a growth in demand with regards to overseeing the administration and management aspects of the business. Thankfully, they found a reliable SMS in Discover.









Joined Discover

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Discovering a better launchpad for expansion

To keep up with the demands of their expansion, Spotted Frog Preschool acquired Discover’s cutting-edge cloud-based technology, which has empowered them to accomplish more with minimal effort.

Discover brought them indispensable features such as cloud-based streamlined reporting, enrolments, easy enquiry management, staff rosters and ratios, and many more helpful day-to-day childcare administration tools and features.

We are quite a little centre and probably in the scope of what Discover does and what it offers, we probably don’t particularly need that level anymore. But we are so happy with the product that we haven’t thought about changing at all. I’ve always found it really responsive.

Bee Hamlin, Owner of Spotted Frog

A reliable partner wherever, whenever

Experiencing a slow turnaround and a couple of limitations with their previous software, Spotted Frog found an improved, cloud-based and seamless user journey with Discover.

Bee Hamlin, the owner of Spotted Frog Preschool, shared how Discover enhanced their admin management and parent engagement, “Discover is a cloud-based solution, unlike our previous software partner. Discover allowed us to dial in from anywhere. We had the capability of overseeing what was happening at both of our centres. We could be anywhere, even in the comfort of our own home and attend to the needs of parents and families.”

One of the main reasons they love Discover is how it empowers them to take care of matters easily and conveniently on the spot. “If I was at home and a parent asks to change their booking, I could do it right there and then. If I was away and someone rang and asked something about the other centre, I could just get in and have a look.”

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I think the biggest apprehension was probably the movement of the data and the funding side of things. You know, taking all the information and moving it across to Discover and sort of holding your breath to make sure that the enrolments had gone across, the accounts, had merged, all that sort of side of things. And that when funding came around, was it going to work? And yeah, it was done really, really well. We had no issues.

Bee Hamlin, Owner of Spotted Frog

Childcare centre yard

Here for the long haul

Hamlin also commends how user-friendly and easy-to-access the reports are in Discover. “It has a lot more features, reports-wise, that were a lot cleaner and easier to use than what we used to have.” Spotted Frog are among the early adopters of Discover in 2017 and have stayed with the software since.

Despite going back to one centre, Bee and her team have no plans to replace Discover anytime soon.

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