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Learn how joining the Discover community allowed Kids Cove to make substantial improvements.

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After years of using an outdated student management system (SMS), Kids Cove recently switched to Discover by Xplor. Their initial apprehension about moving to a new SMS was quickly dispelled when they realised Discover was the answer to solving their services’ problems and would revolutionise their business operations. Kids Cove praises Discover for the impressive improvements they’ve seen since switching over and recounts how the onboarding team’s support resulted in a smooth onboarding journey.








May 2023

Joined Discover

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Frustrations and delays: the challenges of outdated software

Kids Cove services had been using a trusted but older SMS for many years. As the technology in childcare management continued to evolve, they encountered several issues that slowed down their operations. Technical difficulties and delayed processes plagued their operations, frustrating both administrators and staff.

The need for an updated and efficient SMS became evident, prompting them to explore better alternatives. Initially, the prospect of changing their SMS posed concerns due to the challenges that come with the migration process, such as transferring data and adjusting to an entirely new platform.

Discovering the game-changing solution

After hearing numerous positive reviews from peers in the childcare sector and witnessing the positive word of mouth surrounding Discover by Xplor on social media, Kids Cove finally decided to make the switch.

Despite initial reservations surrounding the move to a new SMS, they recognised the potential of Discover to transform their operations. With a younger team handling the administrative work in their services, the apprehensions towards change management diminished, and the conveniences that Discover offers were embraced with open arms.

The migration process to Discover was seamless, thanks to the exceptional support provided by the Discover team. “The transition to Discover was very smooth. Our onboarding specialist gave us all the information we needed and boosted our confidence. They made sure that we felt that we are in good hands,” said Jassu Gill, Managing Director of Kids Cove.

Discover’s learning resources and tutorials helped facilitate a smooth transition, assisting administrators with better grasping the platform’s functionality. Notably, the introduction of electronic sign-in/out, replacing the previous paper-based system, thrilled young parents.

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It was a great migration experience, leaving us completely satisfied. Thanks to our hands-on onboarding specialist, the transition was exceptionally smooth and trouble-free. Her expertise and professionalism ensured that not a single issue arose. Each day, we eagerly learn new things under her expert guidance.

Jassu Gill, Managing Director of Kids Cove

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Moving forward with Discover’s remarkable efficiency

Since implementing Discover, Kids Cove has witnessed substantial improvements in its operations. Automatic payment uploads and streamlined administrative tasks have significantly reduced the workload for administrators. Data entry that previously took seven hours a week now only requires one, showcasing the remarkable efficiency of Discover.

Their admin teams embraced the intuitive nature of Discover, empowering them to focus on delivering high-quality childcare rather than getting caught up on administrative burdens. As they move forward with the software, Discover by Xplor continues to prove that it exceeds expectations and it’s designed to propel childcare services towards unprecedented success.

Our administrative work has significantly improved with the new system. I appreciate how payments are automatically uploaded, unlike in our previous software, where we had to manually enter everything. This feature is quite impressive. Overall, our administrative tasks have decreased, and even my administrators have noticed that they have less to do. It’s great to hear such positive feedback.

Jassu Gill, Managing Director of Kids Cove

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