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Happy Hearts Early Learning Centres are family-owned early education providers in Auckland. After using other solutions to run the service, Happy Hearts switched to Discover in 2020. The services care for 202 children in 2 locations, Riverhead and Red Beach, providing quality childcare in the communities as purpose-built centres that teach infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

Based on the success Happy Hearts was enjoying, the centre required a new student management system (SMS) that would support its wide-ranging needs. The administration wanted an SMS that worked intuitively and allowed seamless integration between reports, enrolments, waitlists and enquiries.

Due to the more paper-based system the centre was using, they were losing many hours per week on administration that could have been automated. Managing Director, John Cook, needed robust and efficient software to help get everything done as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible. After seeing what Discover could do for them, John viewed the migration as an easy choice when viewed through the lens of effective time management.









Joined Discover

Our goal is to run our centres as efficiently as we can without compromising quality. Discover has enabled us to automate many of our daily administration tasks, allowing us to spend our time focusing on wellbeing and creating bright and cheerful learning environments for our children.

John Cook, Managing Director
Happy Hearts ELC

Man and child
Woman and child

After using the Discover platform for 18 months, John has noted the time savings that Happy Hearts have enjoyed. The seamless integration of enrolments, automatic emails to parents, immunisation records and invoicing features make Discover the best choice for John and his team.

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