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We’ve reimagined Playground to make it easier for teachers to capture and share learning journeys with families. 

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Playground Posts

Record. Document. Share.

We’ve enhanced how teachers document and share children’s learning journeys in Playground. Teachers will be able to capture insights easily to quickly create vibrant stories with our easy-to-use tool, Posts.

Playground Learning Experience UI

Accessible from any device or platform

  • Stored in the cloud, Posts (previously Observations) will no longer be tied to a single device
  • Freedom to create a Post on one device and finish it on another—no manual copying
  • With data stored in the cloud, teachers can work on Posts anytime, anywhere

Quickly document & share learning

  • To quickly capture a learning moment, just add a title and a room to get started
  • Posts can be created and shared faster and easier thanks to fewer required fields
  • Playground Learning Experience UI
    Playground Learning Experience UI

    Now with audio attachments

    • Posts can now include up to 5 minutes of audio—in addition to text, images and videos
    • Milestones, achievements and progress can be quickly documented and shared with families, giving them insight into their child’s development

    Tag children quicker

  • Quickly find and tag children in any room at any time with filters
  • By using attendance filters (signed in versus booked in or default room), you can tag children with confidence
  • Using the default room filter makes it easy to find children who attend that room frequently
  • Playground Learning Experience UI


    Effortlessly link learning documents

    Adding learning documents to Posts enables a deeper understanding of a child’s learning progress.

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    Safeguard your learning environment

    Manage and moderate comments to ensure Posts provide a safe and respectful space for family engagement.

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    Preview before sharing

    Posts can be reviewed by teachers before sharing to ensure they are well-crafted and error-free.

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    Boost family engagement

    Discover who’s engaging with your content by tracking views and reactions.

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    Lots of Powerful Features

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