How finding the right partner builds brighter beginnings

Kiddywinkles salutes Discover’s progressive approach to customer feedback.

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Kiddywinkles is an early learning centre in West Auckland where qualified teachers and staff create an environment that supports and inspires each child’s lifelong love of learning. They cater to infants & babies, toddlers and preschool-aged children. As part of their learning program, they engage children in planned learning activities, uninterrupted free-play time, and collaborative activities.

Owners Kenina and Allen Court are passionate about early childhood education and development, and they are committed to making a difference in the lives of young children. They cultivate a safe environment where young minds are free to play, explore and be curious as they learn and grow alongside their peers and teachers.

Kiddywinkles utilise Discover’s full suite of products to streamline reporting, administrative work and other crucial processes in the centre. With a dependable SMS like Discover, Kiddywinkles aims to bring convenience to their teachers, staff and all the families with children enrolled in their care.









Joined Discover

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Improving back-office efficiency

As with all the children in their care, Kiddywinkles serves as a home away from home for their staff and teachers. This is why they seek out a reliable SMS to ensure that their staff and workers are equipped with tools that streamline the administrative work, improve efficiency and make day-to-day work easier.

In 2019, Kenina and Allen decided that it was time to make a change at their centre. They found Discover and have been using the software ever since. Discover made good on its commitment to simplify a wide array of crucial childcare management work, such as invoicing, enquiry management, marketing, enrolments, waitlists, staff rosters and ratios and room transitions.

I liked the reporting that Discover provides and the ease of use. There is a huge amount of admin in the industry, and we have an Admin Manager who manages the reporting processes from Discover—they find the software great.

Allen Court, Owner of Kiddywinkles

Progressive software for a progressive centre

Discover values and prioritises every customer’s insight and feedback when developing and improving products. The team behind the software works to bring childcare providers the best possible experience. “I like how progressive Discover is and how open they are to input from centres as to what we require individually. If they think our input is worthy, it goes into their development suite,” shared Allen.

Kiddywinkles commends Discover for its innovative all-in-one system that offers tools serving all stakeholders—centre owners, administrators, teachers, parents and families. “What sets Discover apart is their progressive nature. The fact that they are developing tools like Playground that integrates into their current systems and provides parents with instant communication with their provider shows that they are forward-thinking.”

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The right partner to build bright beginnings

Allen Court also applauds the comprehensive data and information that Discover reports cover. He talks about how helpful it is when it comes to the business side of the service. “From a business owner’s perspective, you want reports that can give you critical information quickly. For example, what your future bookings or future enrolments are looking like. You can look 12 months in advance. It’s great for forecasting.”

With Discover, Kiddywinkles found the right partner to build bright beginnings and futures for young learners, their staff and their business. “I live by it every day. I am always looking at what our debtors, forecasting and enrolments are. It’s a tool I use every day,” says Allen.

Kiddywinkles’ experience with Discover has been so positive that Allen confidently recommends it to other childcare providers.

If you are currently with another management platform, I would recommend you go straight to Discover. We believe Discover is so much better because of the rich information it provides, the reporting and their progressive approach to customer feedback.

Allen Court, Owner of Kiddywinkles

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