How to prepare for FamilyBoost with Discover by Xplor

FamilyBoost is an initiative by the New Zealand government aimed at supporting early childhood education (ECE) by providing significant funding to increase the number of childcare places available. This program is designed to address the growing demand for early childhood education and care services, making it easier for families to access affordable and high-quality childcare. The new childcare payment scheme came into effect on 1 July 2024. 

The purpose of this new childcare payment scheme is to provide partial reimbursement of childcare fees to families and caregivers of young children. Here are the key features of the FamilyBoost childcare payment scheme: 

  1. Increased Funding: FamilyBoost allocates substantial government funds to expand the capacity of ECE providers. This includes grants and financial support for creating new childcare centres and expanding existing ones. 
  1. Accessibility: The initiative focuses on making early childhood education more accessible to families across New Zealand, particularly in areas with a shortage of childcare options. 
  1. Affordability: By increasing the number of available childcare places, FamilyBoost aims to make childcare more affordable for families, reduce the financial burden of childcare and enable more caregivers to join the workforce. 
  1. Quality Improvement: FamilyBoost emphasises improving the quality of ECE services with investments in training and professional development for ECE teachers and staff. 
  1. Support for Providers: The initiative provides support to childcare providers to help them meet regulatory requirements and enhance their services so that expanded capacity does not compromise the quality of care and education. 

FamilyBoost is a comprehensive program aimed at strengthening the early childhood education sector in New Zealand, benefiting both families and ECE providers. 

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Who’s eligible for FamilyBoost, and how can they apply? 

If families/caregivers are eligible for FamilyBoost, they can claim up to 25% of their weekly childcare fees, up to a maximum of $975 for each 3-month quarter. Families can claim FamilyBoost for the following timeframes: 

  • July to September
  • October to December 
  • January to March 
  • April to June 

Families can make their first FamilyBoost claims from 1 October 2024. Families/caregivers can use this calculator to estimate their FamilyBoost amounts. 

To be eligible to receive FamilyBoost, families/caregivers must meet the following criteria: 

  • Be the caregiver of a child/children five and under
  • Have a household income of less than $180,000/year 
  • Incur costs from a licensed early childhood education (ECE) provider 
  • Be a New Zealand tax resident 

If they meet all these criteria, they may be eligible for FamilyBoost. The first step in registering for FamilyBoost is for family members/caregivers to ensure they have a myIR account. Families/caregivers should start saving copies of invoices from their ECE providers from 1 July 2024 to submit their application for FamilyBoost. These copies must be images or PDF files.

The first claim can be submitted from 1 October 2024 for the July to September period. Families/caregivers will have to submit new claims for each 3-month period. Inland Revenue/Te Tari Taake has more information on FamilyBoost on their site. 

What do services need to do with regard to FamilyBoost? 

To support families with applying for FamilyBoost and meet the regulations, childcare service providers must include the following items on their invoices: 

  • Service name
  • Service address 
  • License number 
  • IRD or GST number 
  • Bill payer’s full name 
  • Child/Children’s full name(s)
  • Date invoice is issued 
  • Period covered by fees 
  • Final amount (remove other subsidies/donations) 

Services will have to provide families with monthly invoices with these details from 1 July 2024. Invoices must be in either image or PDF format. 

A screenshot of an invoice generated by the Discover by Xplor platform, showing it's already compliant with FamilyBoost regulations.

How can Discover by Xplor help you prepare for FamilyBoost? 

Invoices generated by the Discover by Xplor platform currently meet all these requirements.

To reduce the burden on families and childcare services, Discover by Xplor is working on functionality to make it possible to generate quarterly statements. With this, services will spend less time issuing statements to families or fielding requests for past monthly statements.

Learn more about how Discover by Xplor’s smarter, easy-to-use student management system streamlines admin and boosts efficiency. Contact us for a quick chat. 

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