The new Playground Messenger brings teachers and parents even closer together

A teacher looks at the new Playground Messenger in the app on a tablet.

Playground Messenger increases teacher-parent communication and provides peace of mind.

Playground, the teacher platform offered by Discover by Xplor, facilitates the day-to-day operations of childcare facilities by streamlining administrative responsibilities, including paperwork and compliance. In addition to keeping children safe through the recording of health events and the monitoring of safety and emergency contact lists, the most recent upgrade to Playground, Messenger, makes it simpler for teachers and parents to communicate with each another throughout the day. 

Messenger is the most recent addition to the Playground app, enabling teachers and parents to communicate with one another via the Playground and Home apps. Communication via comments on Observations and Moments has always been an option, but there was no way for teachers and parents to communicate with one another in a natural, ad hoc way. 

Now, teachers may easily communicate with parents and vice versa. 

Home provides parents with peace of mind by keeping them more actively involved in their children’s lives while they’re in care. Now, teachers can quickly reach out to parents in the moment. Messenger also provides parents with an open and direct line of communication with teachers. 

Here at Discover, our values include building with the end user in mind to make life simple. This latest update shows how much we care about our community of centres and teachers. An often-requested feature on our Canny board (a place for centres to request and vote on features), was facilitating communication between teachers and parents. The popularity of this request made it clear we had to add it to Playground to make it even more helpful to teachers. Simply put, we put our customers at the centre of all we do. 

Messenger’s addition to Playground assists teachers in a variety of ways. They may now provide real-time updates on specific children’s progress, as well as consult with parents if they have concerns about a child’s behaviour or an unexpected reaction. Parents can also advise teachers caring for their children, encouraging them to take a more personalised approach. 

When there are children running around a centre, unexpected bumps and incidents are unavoidable. Messenger provides extra peace of mind, especially when parents are unable to answer the phone. In Playground, incident reports can be augmented by on-demand communications to reassure parents that their child is safe and still having fun with their playmates. In addition, if a lockdown happens, teachers can message parents to inform them that their child is safe after a headcount has been completed.  

With unprecedented access to the caregivers responsible for their children, parents may now inform teachers of minor but critical concerns or notify them if they’re running late without needing to create a Memory.  

Find out how Playground’s Messenger helps teachers and parents work together to create a more positive learning environment for children. 

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