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Discover's Childcare Digital Marketing Guide
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Boost family engagement online

In an increasingly digital age, highlighted by the need to engage online during the pandemic, more and more families are looking online for childcare. Where word-of-mouth advertising was once the norm, these days, parents are more likely to recommend your centre on Facebook or via a Google review.

Adapting to new ways of doing things is often a challenge, but our Childcare Digital Marketing Guide explains the basics and gives you clear steps on how you can begin setting up an online presence. It will also suggest software options, such as marketplaces and enquiry platforms, that you can use to boost engagement with prospective families online.

Engaging online enhances the family experience

Our Childcare Digital Marketing Guide will help you understand how to market your centre online, highlighting:

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Robyn Waterfall | Kid Country Early Learning Centres

The speed of the program and going from one page to the next is brilliant. The frequent absence report is very easy to understand and follow and makes the job of reconfirming bookings much easier. The staff roster quick add is an absolute time saver. Having the ability for parents to enquire and enrol online cuts down any data entry errors and time. Using the ipad as tool to do this when parents come to view the centre, makes it fast and efficient getting them to the actual tour quicker. Parents are really enjoying the iPad sign in system and it is working very well for us.

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